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Search Engine Optimization: April 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Unethical SEO (Bad Search Engine Optimization)

Contrary to the ethics of Internet marketing practices are called "black hat". Link spamming is one of these techniques to fool search engines to make them think to a Web page that is linked to more often than it really is. Spam farms used to be used to be used containing hundreds of sites pointing to a single page. Google, spam filters are now able to exclude most of the farms spam affecting their rankings. There is a tool page report spam in google and most other search engines in which you can easily create Web sites that use spam, so that they can be removed from search engines.

A more advanced method still used by marketing companies unscrupulous is to buy an area used by a popular site that has recently expired, but who used to have a high pagerank links with a large number of arrival. In this way, the new site will benefit from the inbound links that might remain on the site. Again google is able to detect when a site has changed significantly and its contents must be able to identify those cases.

Recently, Google has announced that the purchase links have also been banned and google report provides a useful tool that can be used to make sites that are perceived as buying bonds. This has, however, met with resistance from the companies whose total revenues depend on these links. Search engines also have a list of discomfort and reliability of Web pages that are generated for human beings regardless of the technical sophistication an SEO is used, if it fails to comply with the directives of google, then it is likely he gets finally caught and penalized. It is therefore essential that the website complies google webmasters marking and ensure that companies can use techniques black hat on your site.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008


SEO Tips and Tricks

Link from .org and .edu sites:
The education and organization sites are considered more valued sites and links coming from those sites are valuable link. You need to search those sites.

Just find out some forums and blogs of the organizations and education body which have content relevant to your site. Make
blog comments and put links in them, make sure your comment is genuine and not spam. Read the whole topic and find something to comment on the topic… job is done.

Same way leave your links in forums signature. There is few hot topics on forum signature telling importance at seo point of view and traffic point of view. Go ahead and do it, you'll make valuable links.

You can do the
blog comment and forum sign at non .org and no .edu sites.

From: Professional SEO Services


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